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Your Content Writer Probably has a Hidden Skill Set

Very few content writers are “just writers”. Most of them are much more than that… Allow me to explain: Most content writers and ghostwriters start writing not only because they enjoy writing, but out of necessity. Some of us are people laid off from their jobs, while others quit their dead end jobs. Some of … Read more

Why I Stopped Building Websites…

While I may not be the best web designer on the block, I really do enjoy creating websites. But I stopped doing it – completely- even though it pays quite well. Note: Unlike many other web designers that only work on the outward appearance, I also spent time and effort on what happens behind the … Read more

5 Challenges of Being an Introverted Blogger

Introverts who want to be bloggers face a unique set of challenges. In many cases, they end up giving up – simply because they don’t know how to deal with these obstacles, and it proves to much for the delicate introvert mind. Here are 5 specific challenges faced by introverted bloggers:   1. Everyone expects … Read more

How to use ebooks to get more leads and sales

Most of the people who visit any website usually leave without buying or inquiring. Offering an ebook offers you the opportunity to connect with some of those “lost visitors”, and convert some of them into clients or customers.   The concept: Offer an ebook of approximately 5,000 words (or more, depending on your needs/aims/target market) … Read more