Peter J. Prins

Certified junior ad buyer with diverse skill set for hire

About me

ghostwriter,copywriter,content copywrier,peter j prins Who is Peter Prins?

Although I am a newly qualified junior media buyer, my journey into online marketing began in 2006. By 2007 I started working as a content writer for someone who would become my mentor on WordPress, Joomla and SEO. Over the years my skill set grew quite a bit. Some of it may be useful to you.


So why did I “change careers” at the age of 54?

Maybe because what I have been doing up until now hasn’t been working too well for me.

As an introvert (INFP), selling myself has never been easy. While I know how most of the social media platforms work, and how to get the best out of them, continued personal interaction leaves me drained. As a result, my work flow has been up and down. And at my age, I want stability.

I have had my time chasing dreams and pies in the sky. Been there, didn’t work. Couldn’t even afford to get the t-shirt.

For a long time I understood how to do the job/s (many different tasks), but not how to do business. Once I understood that, my whole perspective changed. I went out to get certified, and now I focus on being of value to my clients/employer.


So what does that mean for you as a potential employer?

Firstly, I am not chasing career advances. Where I live (rural South Africa), the typical salary for a junior media buyer is enough to live comfortably and have some left over.

Secondly, having spent two years in the military as a young man, I understand the power of teamwork, and how seemingly insignificant tasks can be very important.

Thirdly, having tried my hand at doing everything myself (on my own projects), I have found it to be a very time consuming process. While I will always be doing something on the sideline to supplement my income, I know that very few people make six figure incomes from their online ventures.


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