Media buyer and solopreneur. Living off the internet since 2008.

About me

ghostwriter,copywriter,content copywrier,peter j prins Who is Peter Prins?

He’s a nobody. Officially, I don’t exist. I’m just a guy who writes stuff for which other people take credit.

14 years ago, I turned to the internet, thinking I was going to be rich within months.

Yeah, right…:)

Fortunately, some threw me a lifeline – an Irish web developer wanted some writing done for a series of personal projects. Over time, he would become my mentor about all things relating to websites.

When we eventually parted ways, I was hired by a ghostwriting agency in Florida, USA. Writing mostly ebooks, I was given access to “research materials” for each project – which ranged from ebooks by competitors to advanced video courses.

I was fortunate – I learned a lot. I learned about social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social media Optimization, Website security, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, CPA marketing, and more.

Over time I would move on to writing blog posts, articles, product descriptions, social profiles, and more. Some clients started requesting more than just writing – they wanted me to manage advertising, social media platforms, do content planning, etc.

And then, to top it all off, I did a course in media buying – mostly aimed at Facebook ads and Google Adwords.

I keep expanding my skill set – not only for the benefit of my own projects, but also to be more useful to my clients.


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