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About me

ghostwriter,copywriter,content copywrier,peter j prins Who is Peter Prins?

He is a nobody. Officially, he doesn’t exist – even though he is an experienced freelance ebook ghostwriter, ghostblogger and blog copywriter.

He is a GHOST-writer – which means he writes, and you take the credit for it.

My story…

As a South African content creator with a colorful past, a fortunate chain of events enabled me to combine working experience and life experience with my capacity for verbal expression.

After originally obtaining a tertiary qualification in water treatment, a combination of affirmative action and a bad career move effectively ended my water treatment career. The following decade saw me making a living off freelance sales and making music.

In 2006 the internet promised instant riches, luring the gullible – expecting to make a fortune within a month. It didn’t happen…

Fortunately, someone who needed a freelance content writer and ghost blogger crossed my path. He also became my first mentor for all things relating to internet marketing, search engine optimization, creating websites, etc.

After the conclusion of his project, a ghostwriting agency in the US offered me an opportunity. Most of the assignments were ebooks, covering a wide range of subjects and topics.

Being given access to research material for most of the projects allowed me to learn a lot about how marketing on the internet really works. Of course, the variety of assignments broadened my general knowledge and taught me many new things as well, for which I remain grateful.

One of those ebooks I wrote included a substantial section on basic copywriting. A few others related to marketing and advertising also contained some content about copywriting. I acquired the knowledge, but for a long time I only used it for writing my own sales pages (yes, I created and sold a few products on a small scale – mostly ebooks, and one 14-week course on creating and promoting your own small business website).

On the sideline…

On the sideline my experiments with network marketing and internet marketing (across different niches) continued, with varying degrees of success (and failure) along the way.

While these projects came and went, and (local business) website projects came and went, offers for ghost blogging and freelance writing jobs kept coming – even though work was slow at times. At the end of the day, it became clear that writing should be my main focus.

With that in mind, it was a logical choice to make ghost blogging and blog copywriting my primary business. I kept learning about copywriting, and learned fascinating things along the way.

Having been able to learn about business (physical and internet based) along the way enabled me to grasp the needs of business owners, and determine how to offer the maximum possible benefit to those who choose to use my blog writing services.


While my varied experience allowed me to learn about a number of ghostwriting disciplines, being a ghostblogger, and ghostwriter of short ebooks – for small and medium sized businesses – makes the most (financial) sense – without ever being boring.