About me

Who is Peter Prins?

Officially, I started out online as a ghostwriter in 2008…

But within a few months, I was setting up autoblogs, building backlinks, and creating landing pages. Fair enough, my first major client was also my first mentor.

His problem was not lacking the skills, but lacking the time.

On the surface, I was doing freelance writing, and later created websites.

In reality, since 2008 I ended up…

(in random order as they come to mind…:)

  • Setting up shops.
  • Doing search engine optimization.
  • Setting up website security.
  • Setting up mailing lists and funnels.
  • Doing content marketing.
  • Doing content copywriting.
  • Doing sales page copywriting
  • Writing SEO copywritten content.
  • Doing social media marketing on various platforms.
  • Doing paid advertising in various forms.
  • Setting up autoblogs and automated backlink building.
  • Email marketing.
  • Conversion tracking.
  • Plus of course writing ebooks, articles, blog posts, creating simple videos, etc., and creating websites.
  • Not to mention the countless hours I spent on client education, none which I got paid for…:)

And those were just the things I did for clients…

On my own projects (since 2006), I was always experimenting:

  • Scientific viral marketing
  • Automated blog content.
  • Automated content syndication.
  • Different social media platforms.
  • Different forms of paid advertising, from PPE and PPC to push and pop traffic.
  • Cost per action marketing.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Adsense.
  • Network marketing.
  • Traffic exchanges and safelists.
  • Various tracking systems.
  • Selling my articles as PLR packages.
  • Selling intellectual rights to ebooks and toolkits I created.
  • Used my own ebooks as marketing tools, and sold info products.

And all kinds of weird and wonderful things.

Did I ever make any money out of this?

I made some. but since I already had work coming in, I never had much energy left at the end of the day. It was not a priority.

And I never was able to figure out what I really WANT to do – at least no until now – but I knew for sure that my skill set was wasted as a freelancer. I could only get paid for applying one skill at a time. It is not something you can scale without starting “a marketing agency”, which are a dime a dozen.

And while I may not be the best at any of the above, I can do all of the above reasonably well.

One day, out of the blue, it hit me:

I love solving problems. Regardless of how much or how little money I got for the job, knowing that I took a load off someone’s mind was a reward in itself.

And that is why I never stuck with anything for long – because what I was pursuing was not solving any problems.

So I started thinking…

How could I help other people, but in a way that doesn’t involve me trading time for money for the rest of my life?

It came down to three things:

1. Education (which I am doing in my partnership with Lisech marketing strategy consulting).

2. Services, scaled and/or outsourced (which I am also doing in my partnership with Lisech).

3. Tools – software.

For this blog, I chose to go with tools – mostly SAAS (software as a service). Some of them are existing solutions, and some are tools I create myself.

Hopefully some of the tools I suggest can make your life easier.

Thanx for visiting.

All the best

Peter Prins