Should you reduce your number of Linkedin connections?

Yes, I know. The question itself sounds insane. Reduce your number of Linkedin connections? Crazy. But hear me out… My story: I started out on Linkedin in 2012. Back then, getting new connections was as easy as clicking buttons on the “suggested connections” section of your network page. And as I sent more and more … Read more

ChatGPT has two fundamental weaknesses

People all over are going crazy about ChatGPT – and rightly so. It is a marvelous creation. It also signals the start of a new era. But it has two weaknesses… Fair enough, one weakness is in place to keep thing from getting out of hand. And here it is: Firstly, it is not able … Read more

Paid marketing does not always equal instant sales

Many new business owners dive into paid advertising, thinking that it is “an instant cure” for their cash flow problems. Just pop in ad in the paper, or throw up an ad on Facebook, and you’re good to go, right? Been there, done that (long time ago). Had a fat load of debt to show … Read more

It’s time for a new chapter

For many years, I have been honing and expanding my skill set… While I did experiment with my own projects on the side, most of my attention was devoted to doing freelancing work. I did various forms of writing, websites and webshops, simple videos, funnel setups and a host of promotional activities. Eventually, a few … Read more

Why I Stopped Building Websites for Clients

While I may not be the best web designer on the block, I really enjoy creating websites. But I stopped doing it – completely- even though it pays quite well. Note: Unlike many other web designers that only work on the outward appearance, I spent time and effort on what happens behind the scenes – … Read more

Why I quit writing for a living

It’s true. I quit doing freelance writing for a living. Keep in mind that I was what most considered to be a “bottom feeder” – I lacked the sales skills to talk my way into $200 and $400 writing assignments (or accepted article pitches) for bigger companies. Why did I quit writing? Firstly, maybe quitting … Read more