It’s time for a new chapter

For many years, I have been honing and expanding my skill set… While I did experiment with my own projects on the side, most of my attention was devoted to doing freelancing work. I did various forms of writing, websites and webshops, simple videos, funnel setups and a host of promotional activities. Eventually, a few … Read more

Why I Stopped Building Websites for Clients

While I may not be the best web designer on the block, I really enjoy creating websites. But I stopped doing it – completely- even though it pays quite well. Note: Unlike many other web designers that only work on the outward appearance, I spent time and effort on what happens behind the scenes – … Read more

Why I quit writing for a living

It’s true. I quit doing freelance writing for a living. Keep in mind that I was what most considered to be a “bottom feeder” – I lacked the sales skills to talk my way into $200 and $400 writing assignments (or accepted article pitches) for bigger companies. Why did I quit writing? Firstly, maybe quitting … Read more