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Free eBooks

The following ebooks are free – and available to download directly, or read online. Both may be of use when hiring a ghostwriter or blog writer:

20 Reasons why Businesses Use eBooks to Generate Leads and Sales

More and more businesses are moving towards using free ebooks as marketing tools. Although the specific benefits differ from one instance to the next, the potential benefits are numerous.

This ebook discusses – in some detail – 20 reasons why businesses of all sizes use free ebooks to generate more leads and sales.

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How to Outsource Your eBook- or Blog Writing: Working with a Ghostwriter

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Working with a freelance writer can be a blessing – or it can be a nightmare…

At the end of the day your experience boils down to a few basic principles. Once you grasp those, it becomes easy not only to find the right ghostwriter or blog writer, but to maintain a healthy, productive and mutually eneficial working relationship.

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