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How Well do You Know Your Ghostblogger or Ghostwriter?

For most people, hiring – and screening – a ghostblogger or ghostwriter is a matter of price, quality and expected turnaround times. Unfortunately, it often turns out to be much more complex than that…

Fair enough, if you only have a once-off job that needs to be done, and it doesn’t involve too much money, you can simply trust your gut feeling and hire someone. On the other hand, though, if you want to use that specific blog writer on a regular basis, you may need to know more than the basics. If you don’t, you can expect to run into complications, or end up with some unpleasant surprises somewhere in the future.


What should you know about you ghostblogger?

There are a number of things that can affect your ghostwriter or blog writer’s ability to deliver – which in turn can affect the execution of your content roll-out and marketing:

NOTE: You will have to determine the potential effect of each of these for yourself, and decide whether you are willing to live with it or not. There’s no need to dismiss a potentially good writer just because he or she faces challenges. It will all boil down to your own expectations and requirements, and whether you are able to adapt to possible interruptions in the content delivery or not.

1. Depending ion where your freelance writer lives, he or she may not have a decent internet connection, or he/she may pay (relative to their income) high prices for bandwidth. That, in turn, can directly affect their ability to do research, especially where video material is concerned. In addition to that, if they are stuck with an unreliable internet connection, it can affect their turnaround times. Keep in mind that, in less developed countries, it is common for people living in smaller towns to be limited in terms of ISP choices, and it often costs more than your outsourced worker can afford to move to another.

2. What are the working conditions where he or she has to produce your content? Are they in a noisy environment, possibly with many barking dogs around, or with kids constantly yelling in the house? Are they living in uncomfortable conditions, which may affect their productivity?

3. What is the nature of their current life setting? Are you dealing with a young mother who may need to take care of a baby at times (higher time demand if the baby isn’t feeling well)? Are you dealing with someone who has to take care of an older person or two? That can be demanding. Are you perhaps dealing with someone who is young, and for whom concentrating and writing may prove difficult among obnoxious siblings? What’s the state of their health?

Also, if your prospective ghostblogger or ghostwriter lives in an area prone to storms or flooding, how badly would any such incident affect your workflow?

4. What is their break-even point? How much work do they have to do, at the rates you pay, in order to survive? The more work they have to do every day, the better the chances of the quality of the delivered content being compromised. On the other hand, what is their current workload? If they don’t have enough work coming in to pay the bills, a lot of their time may be spent on promoting themselves, or trying to find additional work – which could once again result in a negative impact on the content delivered (and its quality).

In order to be able to plan around the working conditions of your prospective ghostblogger or freelance writer, you need to know what you are dealing with – in detail. If possible, you can plan around it, and if not you may have to move on to someone else in order to avoid those problems.


Schedule an interview. Once again, depending on the quality of the internet connection where he or she lives, video chat, or even audio, might not be possible (slow connection speed or unreliable connection) – but even a text chat session on Facebook or Skype will allow you to gather more background information, and make an informed decision.