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Is Your Business Blog Dying from a Lack of Content?

It might sound silly to some people, but the reality is that, unless your blog content is updated regularly, it will die – pretty much like a plant in a container depending on you to water it from time to time…

In order to substantiate that argument, let me get into the realities of present day blogging – which hold true, irrespective of the quality of your content, or your niche:

1. Google is giving preference to “fresh” content:

This statement has been true for a number of years – however, what has changed was just “how fresh” the content needs to be. Currently, fresh content is seen as something posted online during the past 3 days. As such, if you want Google to offer you continuous preference as a provider of “fresh blog content”, you will need to put up one new blog post at least every 3 days.

2. If your blog lacks content, it also lacks engagement:

Let’s face it – the more posts you have on your blog, the better your chances of receiving comments (ok, spam excluded…;). On the other side of the coin, Google also measures the engagement and number of actions that people take while on your site. In addition to that, the comments also make for more content, which once again keeps Google happy.

Lastly, the fewer comments on your blog, the fewer people will be likely to leave comments, and those who would have returned to read additional comments will now not be forthcoming. In short, the less engagement you have on your blog, the fewer repeat visitors (and regular readers) you will have.

3. Limitations to your social reach:

Regardless of how many followers you have, and how many times you share each individual piece of blog content, you can only get so many eyeballs on every item you share on social media. The more information you can share, the better your chances of it getting re-shared, and getting even more eyeballs – and traffic to your site.

Of course, the number of eyeballs (irrespective of re-shares) on your social content will also have a direct bearing on your branding – which in turn will have a direct bearing on how many of your viewers on the future will be likely to click through to your blog, and how many will become leads or customers.

4. A lack of sales and lead generation:

Firstly, the more useful information you offer on your blog, the easier it is for a prospective customer or client to make up their minds to take action.

Secondly, the more engagements you have on your blog (which is directly proportional to the amount of content you put out), the easier it will be for your prospects to trust you, and either sign up to your mailing list, buy something from you, or to initiate contact for services to be provided.


Seen against the backdrop of these facts, ask yourself the question: Is your blog dying due to a lack of content?

If it is, maybe I can help.