It’s time for a new chapter

For many years, I have been honing and expanding my skill set…

While I did experiment with my own projects on the side, most of my attention was devoted to doing freelancing work. I did various forms of writing, websites and webshops, simple videos, funnel setups and a host of promotional activities.

Eventually, a few things happened:

1. I got tired of being the last on the priority list. When it takes you 6 weeks to get the client information for a simple website, it is time to move on.

2. I spent more time communicating with – and educating – clients than I spent doing the actual work. As a result, not only was my time and focus fragmented, but my willingness to help others meant that I had fewer productive hours in my day.

3. I got tired of clients contacting me at any time of day, on any day of the week, and expecting me to attend to their needs immediately. I wasn’t “allowed” to choose my own priorities or to have downtime. I was a machine, waiting 24/7 for the next person to hit the button and get me started.

Fair enough, many will say I picked the wrong clients…

Agreed. I really know how to pick’em. Let me not even get into the horror stories – it will spoil your day.

4. Unsurprisingly, my income did not reflect my skill set. But then again, what would you expect when I worked for the wrong people who not only failed to appreciate my value, but also couldn’t afford it?

I guess that’s the curse of being an introvert – not being able to sell yourself at your real value. or at least to increase the client’s perception of your value.

As such, it is time for a new chapter in my online journey…

Let’s just say I am working on something bigger than any of my past projects. It also requires me to expand my skill set even more, so at present much of my time is spent learning.

While I am working on all of that…

I am paying the bills by creating short, affordable mobile videos – CLICK HERE for more info.