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Certified junior ad buyer for hire – with a diverse skill set

While being a certified junior media buyer for hire is my preferred specialty, my extensive experience allows me to bring much more to the table.


1. Certified junior ad  (media-) buyer for hire:

Although my certification as a junior media buyer is new, my experience with online advertising platforms isn’t. For the past 8 years I have helped several clients to set up and/or manage/improve ads on Google Adwords and Facebook.

While it was never the primary focus of my business, it was part of the mix of services provided.

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2. SEO content copywriting services:

After starting out as a content writer in 2007, my skill set was honed over the years to include ebook writing, SEO content, basic copywriting, and ultimately SEO content copywriting.

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3. Website- and funnel infrastructure:

While not being an expert web designer or expert on conditional logic on follow-up email systems, my experience does include the creation of many websites (including smaller e-commerce sites), blogs and mailing list setups for local clients.

Experience has also taught me a few things about usability and page loading speed (and the effects of slow loading pages).


4. Basic on-site SEO and SMO:

While by no means being an expert on SEO, or search engine optimization (Google considers more than 200 ranking factors for each page), my experience includes working with content tagging and -snippets, image tagging, modifying content to sensibly add keyword phrases and latent keyword, as well as adding strategically worded headings. Naturally, working with tools like the Google Search Console (which replaced Google Webmaster Tools), sitemaps, and

Basic SMO includes OG tagging for social media, including the use of social cards (displayed on social media as a one big clickable block containing the image and the title of the page or blog post in question).

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