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Junior Media-/Ad Buyer for Hire

While choosing to specialize as a certified junior media buyer, my extensive background in many things relating to online marketing allows me to blend into any team.

Having tried to do everything myself (for my own projects – and failing to do so several times) has taught me a basic understanding of what each team member does, and how we relate to one another.

Between my training at the Adskills Academy, experience in working for clients and experience gained through personal projects, there is some difference between what a junior media buyer usually does, what I was trained to be capable of, and what I am actually bringing to the table…


1. What a/any junior media buyer does:

Setting up ads, audiences and re-targeting on different advertising platforms (such as Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.).

Constantly monitoring those ads to see which of them perform, which have the best CTR (click through rate) and which have the best ROI (clicks from different ads do not always deliver similar sales figures).

Reporting back regularly to suggest improvements which are likely to increase ROI (including replacing or stopping some ads,or spending more on those that work well).


2. What Adskills junior media buyers are trained to do:

All of the above in (1), but also…

a. To do market research which will help you identify specific market segments which can then be targeted by demographics and ad copy.

b. To set up detailed tracking which will allow you to see how each individual ad performs – not only in terms of exposure and clicks, but in terms of real results.


3. What I bring to the table:

All of the above in (1) and (2), plus, if you require any of the following…

a. Input on ad copy.

b. Input on landing page content.

c. Setting up basic sales funnels.

d. Input on website usability.

e. Creating conversion copy content.


What you need to know about me:

Living in South Africa, my time zone is GMT+2. Depending on where you are situated, that could mean that my working hours will differ from those of the rest of your team. It could also mean that I may not be available immediately at all times during your working day.

However, my personal working day runs from about 10 AM to about midnight. As such, several hours of my working day should overlap with yours.


What I am looking for:

Ideally, full time employment as a junior media buyer at 2,5K USD per month. Alternatively, part time employment with set weekly hours.

While I’m not aiming to be “a one man team”, my skill set does mean that you have options to apply any excess hours productively if the need arises.

I will, however, be perfectly happy to simply do the basic run-of-the-mill work of a junior media buyer (section 1) if that is what you require.

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