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Let’s be frank: Not every qualified person is suitable for every job opportunity – and vice versa. Let’s look at it from both sides, and see if we can make it work.


1. What I bring to the table:

a. Adskills certification as a junior ad buyer. That means I am proficient in, and comfortable working with targeted Facebook ads, Google Adwords, basic market research (not quite graduate level stuff), tracking, etc.

For more details about the certification, Click Here and scroll down below the certificate itself.

b. Over the course of the last decade, I have worked on several Facebook ad campaigns, and collaborated on three Google Adwords campaigns. I have also used Bing ads and Linkedin ads for personal projects.

c. A diverse skill set which includes content- & ebook writing, basic copywriting, basic websites (design, content, SEO, SMO, security), basic on-site SEO, basic social media skills, and setting up simple funnels.

Depending on your requirements, you can also use me (as needed) for:

  • Input on ad copy.
  • Input on landing page content.
  • Setting up basic sales funnels.
  • Input on website usability.
  • Creating conversion copy content.

d. IMPORTANT: I am willing to work for a reduced salary for the first two months to prove my worth.


2. Strengths and weaknesses:

Strengths –

a. My diverse background, including many (failed and/or mediocre) side projects allows me to comprehend the bigger picture.

b. Experience has brought me a basic understanding of business principles and the value of time – and the knock-on effect of wasted/inefficiently applied time.

c. Understanding that it takes many moving parts to create an effective machine – with me being just one of them. Failure of any seemingly insignificant part can bring the machine to a standstill, or render it inefficient.

d. Understanding of the value of clear, to-the-point communications, while also understanding that communications also require time – which someone is paying for.

Weaknesses/challenges –

a. Struggling to work with emotionally immature people. Age is not an issue (at age 24 I managed people more than twice my age – but mutual respect resulted in a well oiled machine) – but I do tend to struggle with patronizing, condescending, chip-on-the-shoulder “whip crackers”. I am old enough to understand that the job has to be done, and as soon as possible – for the benefit of everyone.

b. Living in South Africa, my time zone is GMT+2. That means that, depending on where your business is situated, it may not be physically possible to be online during all of your office hours.


3. What my personal circumstances are:

Why is this relevant? Because it clarifies my motivation, mindset and work environment.

a. At age 54, I am working to get my life back on track after a wasted decade (chasing pies in the sky online), burnout and compassion fatigue.

b. Mom – living with me – has some periodic mobility issues, so a few times per day I have to help her move around. An extra 30 minutes will be added to my working day to compensate for it. Once my income is up to speed, it will be possible to give her the care she needs and deserves (it’s more than I can afford at present, but at least South Africa is cheaper than the US for elderly care).

c. Divorced several years ago, with no social life at present. Non-drinker, non-smoker.

d. While I will always be working on side projects in my spare time, I don’t expect to “make it big” any time soon – so I don’t plan on taking a job and leaving after a few months. Right now, stability is everything (including being able to take care of Mom without having to worry about raising the money every month).


4. What I hope to find:

(none of these are set in stone – but it does reflect my “ideal scenario”)

a. Part time or full time employment as a junior ad- / media buyer. Alternatively, we can discuss a combination of a small monthly retainer and a commission agreement.

b. If possible (not a deal breaker – full-/part time agreement), a package that includes annual leave and paid sick leave (not that I get sick often, but it would be nice to know that I don’t have to worry about not getting paid if it should happen).

c. Flexible working hours.

d. Weekly salary payments, or the option to request an advance twice during the first month, and once during the second month.

e. Ideally, an entry level job as junior media buyer – while I have been trained to do it, I am reluctant to take responsibility for “everything” right now. If you need someone who can “handle everything”, it will depend on your niche. Some niches are more problematic than others (frequent rejected ads, banned ad accounts, rejected landing pages, etc.).

Does it sound as if we can be a good fit?

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