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Once Upon a Time There Were Three Young Bloggers…

Once upon a time there were three young bloggers. They came from very different backgrounds, and they approached their blogging ventures in totally different ways…

The first blogger was the son of a ruthless businessman:

His dad taught him that in order to be successful in life, you have to “go after what you want” – like a hunter. Go and stalk your prey, and jump on them when they least expect it.

If you do this, not only will you be likely to succeed every time (due to the element of surprise), but you will also be able to go and do business when YOU want to, and not only when your potential customers choose to hop around.

This blogger went and learned everything he could about Facebook and Linkedin, where he could literally hunt his prospects down and bully them into doing business with him.

The second blogger was the daughter of a farmer:

Her dad taught her that, if you plant you will harvest. And if you plant trees, you will harvest for a long long time to come.

She was taught to think and plan for the longer term, and also to think in terms of compounding results (planting fruit trees) and expansion.

After all, if your farm makes you enough money, you can always buy another, or even rent a piece of land to expand your potential income.

She decided that the most suitable platform for her mindset was Pinterest. It would allow her to cultivate an audience over time, without having to hunt people down to sell to them. Those who are interested in what she does would come to her, and pretty much like people buying at the farmer’s market, they would buy what they choose to consume.

There are no high pressure salespeople at the farmer’s market.

The third blogger was the son of an accounting office worker living in suburbia:

He was told that “some people are just lucky”, and born into families where there are plenty of opportunities available (read: wealthy people). He was taught that most people struggle to get by, and that they should try and protect what little they have – and not take any risks.

He was also taught not to put all of his eggs into one basket…

So, in order to avoid risk, he limited the amount of money he spent on his blog. Besides paying for the domain and hosting, he spent no money at all. And instead of choosing to focus all of his energy on one traffic platform, he chose to diversify…

(so as not to put all of his eggs into one basket…)

He ended up doing a little bit of Facebook, a little bit of Pinterest, a little bit of Twitter, a little bit of Linkedin, a little bit of Stumbleupon, a little bit of Instagram, a little bit of Tumblr, and so on…

And all three of them kept working at it.

But what happened to these three young bloggers?

Well, the first blogger – who went to Facebook to pursue the “hunting” method, actually became quite successful. He ended up having a lot of friends, followers and fans, and ran a successful Facebook group.

He was very busy, of course, because “hunting” is a time consuming business (for blogging anyway).

He also discovered one major problem:

On Facebook, things move very quickly (admittedly not as quickly as on Twitter). As such, he had to keep on putting out his messages and blog post links (and replying to comments), otherwise not many people would see them as they dropped down the timeline.

That proved to be the limiting factor to what he could achieve (he sold internet marketing products, so he wasn’t allowed to use Facebook ads).

But all in all, he did well. Life was good.

The second blogger – the farmer’s daughter – took a while to “get going” (which was ok, because she was taught to expect that).

But once it took off…

Her success just kept growing. She simply kept on adding more and more followers to her Pinterest account, and due to the longevity of pins on Pinterest, every new pin she added sent her traffic for quite some time. The larger her following grew, the more people she had re-pinning her stuff. And the more people she had re-pinning her stuff, the more new followers – and traffic – she got.

It just kept growing.

Unlike the first blogger, however, who chose to work on Facebook, she didn’t work that much in the end. Yes, there were obviously times when she took some time to create new products – but apart from that, she barely spent one hour per day on Pinterest.

And of course, on the days she wanted to take it easy, or when she wanted to go on vacation, she would simply use Tailwind to schedule her pins, and publish them at the best possible times.

It was the cheapest, yet most effective virtual assistant she could hope for.

Ironically, while applying everything her dad taught her, she ended up worrying a lot less than he did.

And the third blogger?


He played it “safe”. Unfortunately, he ended up not doing much of anything (a little blogging, a little syndicating of his content, and no list building at all, because of the cost).

So what happened?


what do you think would happen if you plant a few tomatoes, a few carrots and a few beans on a few square feet?


He didn’t lose much, though – which was in line with what he was taught.

Unfortunately he didn’t make any money either – because his scattered (backyard garden) approach never reached enough people to get any traction.

The BIG question is this:

What can we learn from this story?

Well, besides the fact that girls seem to be smarter than boys…


The “hunting” approach is fruitful; it works quickly, and it’s fun for some people. It is also very time consuming, limited by your the lack of longevity of posts – and a nightmare for introverts.

The “farming” approach to blogging takes a lot longer to pick up speed, but once it does, the potential is astronomical. And it doesn’t matter if you are an introvert, or have a full time job – you can still do it.

The “backyard garden” approach is a waste of time. It never gets you anywhere – so unless you want to keep your blog as a hobby, you should either turn to “farming” or “hunting”, or forget it.


Which one of these bloggers are YOU?