Packages and Pricing

Depending on your needs and capabilities, you can choose from 3 packages:

A. Videos Only:

Order videos only, with no extras.

Lowest costs.

Minimum 3/week

$10 (US) per video**

B. Videos with captions and tags:

(A) + Let me write suggested captions and tags* for your videos, for the different platforms.

Minimum 3/week

$13 per video**

C. Videos with scripts, captions and tags:

(A + B) + Let me write the scripts for your videos.

You can choose the topics or allow me to suggest topics.

Minimum 3/week

$15 per video**

Not sure yet? Click Here to Contact us with any questions.

* Three captions/tags sets are included: The same caption is used for Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. Pinterest and Twitter shares a caption, and Tiktok’s captions are separate.

** Payable in advance every week. Cancel any time.