Listed below are the most common services I provide. If you need anything done that is not listed here, feel free to ask. 16 years of experience on the web has taught me a lot, so in many cases I may be able to help.

While I am not an expert at everything, there are many things I had to learn to do along the way.

1. Creating websites that WORK:

Having a website for your small business is one thing. Having a website that actually converts visitors into buyers is another thing altogether.

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2. Website audits:

Not sure if your website is working as it should? Or are you unhappy with your website’s performance? Let’s have a look under the bonnet, and see what can be improved.

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3. website optimisation:

Need to improve the performance and/or conversion rate of your website? (conversion from visitor to buyer). There are many ways to do that. Let’s talk about how your site can be improved.

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4. Other services:


SEO copywriting

Writing e-commerce product descriptions

Social profile writing.

Ebook ghostwriting.

Simple faceless short mobile videos with tips using AI generated voice-overs, which can be used as content on Youtube, Instagram reels, Facebook reels, Tiktok, Pinterest idea pins, Twitter and Linkedin.

Building e-commerce websites.

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