Why do people choose to hire a ghostwriter?

There are a number of reasons why people prefer to use a ghostwriter – as opposed to doing the writing themselves:

1. Time – in today’s life, many people are simply too busy to find the time to write. Things are indeed difficult for those people who need to balance long working hours, relationships and family lives, while trying to build an online presence. Outsourcing the writing to a ghostwriter or a ghost blogger is the logical choice – for those who can afford it.

2. The environment they live in – some people live in noisy or stressful circumstances, which makes it difficult to concentrate. It’s not that they are incapable of producing good content, but their abilities are diminished by their living conditions.

3. It’s beyond their capabilities – in many cases, in-depth content and copywriting is simply beyond the writing capabilities of the person in question. As with any task beyond one’s own capabilities, it is best left to someone who knows better.

4. A lack of creativity – some people are better at other things (things like like management, technical stuff, PR, etc.), but struggle when it come to producing content or copywriting. It’s not to say these people are incompetent – they simply struggle to translate their thoughts into words.

5. The language barrier – people who grew up speaking a different language often find it difficult to adapt. Each language has its own way of utilizing words, so to speak, and it usually carries over into other languages that person tries to speak. For instance – in Russian there is no equivalent word for “the”. Considering the fact that it is constantly used in English, it is easy for a native Russian speaker to accidentally leave the word out from time to time.

6. An aversion to writing – let’s face it: Some people just hate it. They may even be good at it, but they hate doing it. We all have our personal dislikes – and if yours happens to be writing, that means that having to create content will be a strenuous task. It is also likely that you will produce content of lesser quality, simply because you just want to get it over and done with.

7. They want a fresh perspective – in some cases, blogger and copywriters find themselves out of ideas. They need someone else to come up with new angles on old topics, and new derivatives of old topics.

8. It makes business sense – when your time is worth more than what you pay the ghostwriter to do your writing, it makes sense to outsource it. Your (more valuable) time can then be spent on tasks that will grow your business.


It has been proven time and time again that content is king. That is true not only in terms of attracting visitors, but also in terms of establishing credibility.

People judge you by what they read…

What does the content on your blog, or in the ebooks you write (or don’t), say about YOU?

Does it inspire confidence? Or is it just a pile of mediocre information?

Is there enough fresh content to show that you actually attend to your blog?

Do you have a diverse collection of content, or does it all run along the same old track?

Have you ever published content elsewhere (guest posts) for increased credibility and visibility?

The list goes on – but the bottom line is this:

If you want your blog to succeed, it will require regular, high quality content. Yes, it will require promotion too – but if your content isn’t really worth promoting, or if there isn’t anything new…

Would you really expect people to take you seriously?

The logical solution:

Hire a ghostwriter.

Hiring someone else to do your writing allows you to leverage that person’s creativity, perspective, capabilities and time.

Not to mention that it leaves you with more time to focus on other things that matter to you – whether it be personal or business related.