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Why Hire ME, and not Another Ghostblogger?

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Let’s face it: Ghostwriters are “a dime a dozen”. Why on earth would you want to hire this ghostblogger of all people, considering my rates are not the cheapest on the block? After all, there are people who are willing to write for half of what I charge.

And as Seth Godin (so rightly) said: “Competence is not a commodity any more.”

This is why people choose to work with me, as opposed to hiring other ghostwriters:


1. Ghostblogging experience

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Having been a freelance writer since 2007, and having written about an incredibly wide variety of topics and subjects, allowed me to learn a lot. Most of all it taught me to listen – really listen – to my clients. While the task at hand may seem similar to others in the past, each client has his/her own vision. If the writer doesn’t “get” it, anything that he or she may write will seem disconnected from the rest of the client’s content.


2. Content context

Having been raised with a Western mindset allows me to better understand the context of my clients’ projects. While a writer from say, India or the Philippines may be capable of writing proper English, he or she will be looking at your topic from a whole different frame of reference. For some people it is acceptable – for others it isn’t.


3. Writing environment

Many ghostwriters are younger people and single moms who have to write in “less than ideal” conditions. Noise, stress and prolonged distractions are not only bad for concentration, but also wreaks havoc on the flow and coherence of longer pieces. Fortunately for me, my surroundings are calm and quiet, both inside the house and outside.


4. Priority tasking

Writing is my only business. It’s not something I do part time or after hours, and my clients are my only priority. You don’t have to compete with anything else for my (full) attention.


5. Sensible pricing

Yes, my ghostwriting rates are not the cheapest on the block. However, when you consider the quality of my work relative to the rates charged, the picture changes somewhat. The relatively weak local currency allows me to offer a great balance between quality and affordability.


6. Not too many writing clients

My pricing structure also means that I am not desperate to take on as much work as I possibly can. As such, there is less pressure to produce volumes of content, and more of an emphasis on consistent quality.


7. Linguistic flexibility

My background allows me to offer writing services in both U.S. and U.K. versions of English.


In conclusion

The bottom line is this: If you are looking for a seasoned ghostblogger and/or ghostwriter who will understand what you want, comprehend your vision, and be able to consistently deliver decent content at a reasonable price…

Let’s talk – Click here to contact me.