Why use short form video?

Right now, internet users are moving towards consuming shorter videos, which allows them to view many clips in the time they have available.

Just look at the popularity of Tiktok – which prompted Instagram to create the concept of Instagram reels, and which even prompted Facebook to implement Facebook reels. On top of that, Youtube shorts is very popular too.

Ok, but what does that mean for YOU?

1. Since people now consume more videos per viewing session, it means that your videos now have a much better chance of being seen. It’s not that there is less competition, but the internet users consume many more videos per day than they used to do a few years ago.

2. It means that you can create shorter – and thus more affordable (or less time consuming) to create – videos, and reach your target audience that way.

3. When you combine the higher content consumption with shorter videos, it means that you are now able to reach a lot more people for the same amount of money (or time) spent on video creation.

4. Youtube, Instagram and Facebook are currently giving their reels/short form videos more exposure than other content. As such, even without factoring in (1) and (2) above, short form videos are simply shown to more people.

So not only is your content now many times more likely to be found, and cheaper to create, but it is also given more exposure by the very platforms you post them on.

As such, putting out short form video content is the most logical choice to not only promote your business, but to grow your following on several social media platforms.

One more thing:

Since most people browse social media using the phones, you can also use the same videos on Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest “idea pins”.