Why work with Me?

Good question. Why use me, and not just another cheap freelance video creator you can get on Fiverr or Upwork?

1. Value for money:

while most freelancers simply want to get the job done ASAP so they can get paid. However, many years of experience on the internet and in business have enabled me to offer the best possible value at the fee.

2. A set number of clients:

No more waiting in line for a cheap freelancer because he or she is too busy. My workload allows for a set number of regular clients, which depends on the order volumes of my current set of clients.

3. You have my attention:

Many freelancers “take whatever they can get”. It dilutes their attention and forces them to do rush jobs. Due to the structure of my offers, my regular clients do not have to compete (with once off jobs) for my attention.

4. Learning about your business:

Due to my small client portfolio, it is possible to learn about each one’s business and audience.

5. Working with you to improve:

Instead of just churning out content, let’s work together to figure out what works best for your business, and how your videos can be improved for better results.

Many years of working with business clients have taught me the value of attracting the right type of prospect, rather than just running up the numbers to make it look impressive. Having a huge following on social media doesn’t mean much if they don’t buy from you.